Kona Gold Pink Grapefruit Hemp Energy Drink (12 Pack)

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12 Cans of Kona Gold's 12 oz Premium Pink Grapefruit Hemp Energy Drinks

Zero Calories - Zero Sugar - Naturally Flavored - Organic Hemp - THC Free

12 Pack of Kona Gold 12 oz Pink Grapefruit Hemp Energy Drinks are the gold standard in the Hemp Energy Drink Market. Kona Gold has partnered with the American Breast Cancer Foundation to create an amazing tasting Hemp Energy Drink with a portion of all proceeds going to ABCF! Pink Grapefruits refreshing taste with its delicious natural flavors will instantly become your favorite beverage! Our hemp energy drinks are blended with the highest quality organic hemp protein and the perfect combination of ingredients that taste amazing and will give you the boost you need without the crash.

*Note: product is past its best by date and taste great.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Ames
Kona gold hemp energy

Pink grapefruit ok , but too much acid for my health problem. I prefer cherry vanilla and candy apple and cotton candy, but the CEO won't tell shareholders if we are ever going to make it or sell it again.

Chris Radlinski

I think I found my favorite flavor.

Best by date is March 2022

As noted in the the fine print, they are selling expired beverages. This should be disclosed in a more prominent location at the top of the page.

"*Note: product is past its best by date and taste great."

Hi Aaron,

We are happy to provide a full refund if you are not happy with your order, just simply ship your order back to us. The Best Buy date for our beverages is two years, but shelf stable for much longer. There is no degradation to taste or quality.

Kurt Gradel

I just tried for the first time and Wow, excellent product 👏


Absolutely the best flavor of all of these. I tried the Cherry Vanilla and Platinum also. Can't find it anywhere!!!