Kona Gold Classic Hemp Energy Drink (12 Pack)

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Kona Gold


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12 Cans of Kona Gold's 12 oz Premium Classic Hemp Energy Drinks

Organic Hemp - THC Free

12 Pack of Kona Gold 12 oz Classic Hemp Energy Drinks are the gold standard in the Hemp Energy Drink Market. Our hemp energy drinks are blended with the highest quality organic hemp protein and the perfect combination of ingredients that taste amazing and will give you the boost you need without the crash.

*Note: product is past its best by date and taste great.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Conley Hunters HD Gold
Hunters HD Gold has been using/promoting KONA GOLD Since 2017!

Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks are the BEST tasting Energy Drink on the market in our opinion. We have been promoting Kona Gold with Competitive Shooters throughout the USA when traveling to match we travel. Competitive Shooters all say the same thing: Taste Great, No Shakes, No Crash and JUST THE PERFECT energy boost needed to stay competitive all day.

Amy Johnson
Great energy drink!

Only energy drink I use. Love it! Just wish more flavors were in stock!

Brad E Henderson

Ever since I discovered these drinks I swear by them. A lifetime of construction aches and pains go away 3 hours at a time when I drink one. My ONLY complaints are that they are no longer for sale in my area (SW Missouri) and it seems like they are out of most flavors when I do place an order. Still worth it!

Joseph Chase

Kona Gold Classic Hemp Energy Drink (12 Pack)

Nita Mckenzie
Kona Gold Energy Sugarless.

This is great.