Kona Gold Classic Hemp Energy Drink (12 Pack)

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Kona Gold

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12 Cans of Kona Gold's 12 oz Premium Classic Hemp Energy Drinks

Organic Hemp - THC Free

12 Pack of Kona Gold 12 oz Classic Hemp Energy Drinks are the gold standard in the Hemp Energy Drink Market. Our hemp energy drinks are blended with the highest quality organic hemp protein and the perfect combination of ingredients that taste amazing and will give you the boost you need without the crash.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Hampton

My son drinks them. But he likes them. Says they give hime energy.

Leslie Hammond

I first encountered Kona Gold at a USPSA match where Brian Conley of Hunters HD Gold offered samples of your products during matches. Brian is a great guy and he got me interested in Kona Gold. He provided me with a discount code which I took advantage of. Like your products and will be purchasing more when the weather gets a little nicer. Minnesota is a little chilly this time of year. Does anyone in Minnesota stock Kona Gold?

Leslie, thanks for the review! We love Brian and Hunters HD Gold as well. We are working on getting distribution in your area and hope to have our new rebranded Kona Gold there very soon!

Bob kelly
The Best Ever

I can not get enough. This is the best drink that has come to market in a long, long time. A knockout. This will be the biggest soft drink forever. Try it. I dare you.

Great Product

Great tasting energy drink!

Great beverage!

A great refreshing beverage with many different flavors to choose from!