Kona Gold Platinum Hemp Energy Drink (12 Pack)

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Kona Gold

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12 Cans of Kona Gold's 12 oz Premium Platinum Hemp Energy Drinks

Pure Cane Sugar - Organic Hemp - THC Free

12 Pack of Kona Gold 12 oz Platinum Hemp Energy Drinks are the gold standard in the Hemp Energy Drink Market. Platinum is the smoothest cleanest tasting energy drink and has a delicious unique flavor all to itself. Our hemp energy drinks are blended with the highest quality organic hemp protein and the perfect combination of ingredients that taste amazing and will give you the boost you need without the crash.

Customer Reviews

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Connie Devor
Love kona gold platinum!

We have tried so many energy drinks and have not been impressed until we tried Kona gold! I wish we could get the same taste with less carbs. I don't like the sugar free drinks because of the terrible after taste. There isn't another drink out there that we have tried like Kona Gold Platinum!

Kurt Gradel
Kurt G

I am from Upstate NY and I am an investor. When I read up about the company I was inspired to buy stock in the company. When I ordered the energy drink I was so impressed I increased my position to 1Million shares! Hope to see a cooler like Red Bull and Monster in my local convenience stores 😎 🙏 Fantastic products 👌 Meantime I have a second fridge full in my cellar...

Amazing taste

I got to try some out today at our match. Great flavor. No jitters. I have absolutely no qualms about recommending this to my friends!


Very Good Taste+Hemp Special Energy Drink

First timer
Wow !

I have never drank and energy drink until a few weeks ago when I ordered the Cherry Vanilla from amazon. Heard so much about but had never tried, I received it within two days.Since I was a coffee drinker and sometimes too much. I had a concern about bouncing off the walls or crashing from a sugar high. Not so with Kona Gold, what a nice clean energy boost , I got busy and didn't realize until hours later, that I had not only accomplished what I wanted to, but with a general overall good feeling that lasted with zero crash. As for the flavor, Its not to sweet or strong but a very nice flavor that I prefer cold and on ice.